Our Staff

0800 Cleanme knows that excellent service begins with excellent employees. That's why every cleaning specialist undergoes a very thorough screening and superior training program. We stand behind every job we do and want our customers to be happy with our services. We believe that we can teach anyone to live up to our dedication to cleaning but not our dedication to our customers and therefore we hire our cleaning specialists based on their level of customer service dedication. Every cleaning specialist that we employ truly believes in our company values that have earned our customer's loyalty and trust.

We provide our staff with detailed check sheets and a site handbook for them to complete and sign off daily with all cleaning requirements. Our employees are put through an intensive training program with senior staff and are not left to work alone until they have passed their first inspection, thus ensuring that they always clean to a high level. We also have numerous training DVD’s and often send our senior staff to training days to keep up with the latest cleaning techniques.
We have a unique way of managing and rewarding our staff.  We have a range of cleaners that are trained professionals in different aspects of cleaning, from the basic maintenance cleaners, site detailers, domestic specialists and spring cleaners. We developed this system as we found a common fault throughout the cleaning industry was attention to detail, this system has proven a great success.